6. Clan Wars Part 6: Blackened Chicken

Episode 6 Sources and References




  • The 12th Black Scroll – “…and with its opening, Fu Leng’s power was complete. But in the shadows, Shinsei’s hooded descendant filled the room with his laughter…” *(Time of the Void)*
  • The 12th Black Scroll – “You see, now that your soul is fully released, it is also fully bonded into the body of the last Hantei. That’s right, Fu Leng… you are mortal.” – The Hooded Ronin (Siege: Clan War)
  • A Black Scroll is Opened – “Deep in the heart of the Shadowlands, Junzo opens another scroll, and the souls of all of Rokugan’s shugenja shudder.” *(Forbidden Knowledge)*
  • Black Wind from the Soul – The Phoenix opened four scrolls, seeking forbidden knowledge that might aid them against Fu Leng. Their souls were the price for their discovery. Isawa Tadaka was the first to pay, summoning an oni and torturing it with the power granted by the third scroll. (Siege: Clan War)
  • Castle of Water – “Yours is not the only element that guards us, Tadaka.” – Isawa Tomo (Emerald Edition)
  • Dark Divination – Isawa Uona, the Master of Air, opened the fifth scroll to learn what the future held. The scroll’s Taint turned her face into an unmoving mask whose eyes wept tears of blood. (Siege: Clan War)
  • Divine the Future – “Knowing the patterns of the past is the key to knowing the patterns of the future.” – Isawa Uona (Anvil of Despair)
  • Doom of Fu Leng – Kuni Yori’s servant Wazinu sought to use the eleventh scroll against the Chimes of Purity in Kyuden Seppun. The scheme failed, and Wazinu’s scroll was cast into Jigoku. (Siege: Clan War)
  • Evil Ward – “Ancient scrolls have protected the Phoenix against the terrors of the Shadowlands, but what shall protect us?” – Kakita Yokune (Shadowlands)
  • The Iron Citadel – Born of the second scroll’s dark power, this fortress became the gathering place for Junzo’s army, an unspeakable horde of walking dead, monstrous oni, and hopelessly Tainted mortals. (Siege: Clan War)
  • Isawa Kaede – “—” (Emerald Edition)
  • Isawa Palace – To understand the threat to the Empire, the Phoenix sacrificed their very souls, unfurling black scrolls. Yet their good intentions could not spare them the dire consequences. (Siege: Clan War)
  • Isawa Tadaka – “No one understands the Shadowlands as does Tadaka. It is said the mask he wears hides a scar from that blackened land.” - Shiba Katsuda (Obsidian Edition)
  • Isawa Tadaka –He was the first to go to the Shadowlands to discover the truth of its dark power. These secrets may be too great for the Phoenix to bear (Emerald Edition)
  • Isawa Tomo – “He may not be a tactician, but he has proved to be an invaluable asset to Shiba Tsukune and her armies in the south.” – Miya Yoto (Emerald Edition)
  • Isawa Tomo (Exp) – “Only you are left, Kaede, my sister. Only you can preserve us. Only you…”(Crimson and Jade)
  • Isawa Tsuke – “—” (Emerald Edition)
  • Isawa Tsuke (Exp) – “—” (Anvil of Despair)
  • Isawa Uona – “She has also read the Black Scrolls that Tadaka returned with from the Shadowlands, and the secrets within have brought darkness to her gaze.” *(*Emerald Edition)
  • Isawa Uona (Exp.) – “The darkness she carries within her soul has shown her how to tame the dark souls of the Shadowlands.” *(Forbidden Knowledge)*
  • Jade Bow – “The power of the Shadowlands cannot be countered by mundane weapons; we must turn to the weapons of our ancestors to destroy the darkness.” – Isawa Tadaka *(*Emerald Edition)
  • The Light of Amaterasu – “…The Thunders finally realized that the opening of the last scroll indeed freed Fu Leng from his prison, but it also bonded him with the Emperor forever – thus making him flesh and blood.” *(Time of the Void)*
  • Medium Infantry – “Even the brilliant tactics of Shiba Tsukune coupled with the mighty power of the Phoenix shugenja was not enough to preserve the great library at Isawa Palace. The library was burned to the ground and the Black Scrolls kept there were taken away by the undead sorcerer, Yogo Junzo.” – The Battle at Isawa Palace *(Obsidian Edition)*
  • Return of the Fallen Lord – Driven by grief and rage, Soshi Bantaro used the ninth scroll to bring his lord, Bayushi Shoju, back from the dead. What arose was not Shoju, but an abomination that wore his rotting corpse like a garment. (Siege: Clan War)
  • Shapeshifting – Isawa Tomo, the Master of Water, sought to master the potential of the sixth scroll. Its grotesque power was beyond his comprehension or control. (Siege: Clan War)
  • Shiba Shingo – “He watches as each Elemental Master falls to the seductive power of the Black Scrolls and wonders if a phoenix drowned in poisoned waters can be born again…” *(Crimson and Jade)*
  • Skeletal Troops – “Junzo marched on the Isawa Palace, knowing the Phoenix held two of the cursed Black Scrolls…” – The Battle at Isawa Palace, Part I *(Crimson and Jade)*
  • Strength of the Dark One – “Hitomi felt the power of her lord spill from his body and with her hand of black glass she cracked the seal on the final scroll…” *(Time of the Void)*
  • Tadaka no Oni (Oni no Tadaka) – “I give you my name…” *(*Emerald Edition)
  • A Terrible Oath – Kuni Yori completed his betrayal by using the tenth scroll to sacrifice Hida Sukune, younger son of the Great Bear. The atrocity granted his soldiers great power, but the cost was irredeemable corruption. (Siege: Clan War)
  • Throne Room, Conquered – The final black scroll, unfurled. A god’s body made whole. Work begun a thousand years past, finally completed. The possessed Hantei, dead. Fu Leng, defeated. A Thousand Years of Darkness would not come to pass. A new dynasty would rise. Teh Emerald Empire would be reborn. Mortal men would take another breath. At last, the glorious sun had come. (Siege: Clan War)
  • Touch of Despair – The spell Isawa had once devised to purge the Taint now bestowed it instead. Isawa Tsuke, proudest and most powerful of the Elemental Masters, was consumed by the seventh scroll’s madness. (Siege: Clan War)
  • Touch of Fu Leng – Kuni Yori used the eighth scroll to raise an army of undead for the Crab warrior Hida Amoro. The Kuni believed his knowledge of the Shadowlands would let him use the scroll safely. The Taint soon proved him wrong. (Siege: Clan War)
  • An Untold Cost – “It’s as if the scrolls were giving that lifeforce to another. But who could it be?” *(Forbidden Knowledge)*
  • The Walking Horror of Fu Leng – Before the Clan War even began, the Fox lord Kitsune Gohei opened the fourth scroll in search of immortality. It did make him immortal, but the price was his humanity. His daughter Ryosei would hunt him for years, trying to purge the shame of his existence. (Siege: Clan War)
  • The Wasting Disease – Yogo Junzo opened the first scroll, spreading a foul plague across the Empire. Thousands died, wiping out the Hantei heirs and sickening the Emperor himself. Thus the Clan War became inevitable. (Siege: Clan War)
  • Yogo Junzo – “The guardian of the first Black Scroll has fallen prey to its corruptive power. Now he searches for the remaining scrolls…but for what purpose?” (Emerald Edition)