7. Clan Wars Part 7: Squashedsada

Episode 7 Sources and References


  • As the Shadow Falls – “When Hida Kisada entered the Imperial Chambers, he learned the truth as Kachiko had. Hantei’s body was broken by her wile and poisons, a ripe receptacle for the dark soul of a fallen god.” – The Doom of Hantei, Part II (Anvil of Despair)
  • Bayushi Kachiko – “The time of darkness is here, and you must play your part.” – Togashi Yokuni (Anvil of Despair)
  • Charge – “I have no need for caution and planning, Kitsu Motso. The knowledge that I will die protecting the Throne is all I need.” – Matsu Tsuko (Battle of Beiden Pass)
  • Charge – “Kisada charged into the throne room and the mad-eyed Emperor who awaited him cut the Great Bear down with a single stroke.” – Kisada’s Last Charge (Crimson and Jade)
  • Copper Mine – Toturi would never forget Tsuko’s last words before her desperate act: “They need you, Akodo. They need you.” (Crimson and Jade)
  • Heavy Infantry – “Matsu Tsuko led the Lion armies against Hida Kisada at Otosan Uchi. before her army met with Kisada, an Imperial decree arrived, ordering her to let the army fight without her. The Lion army was destroyed, and so was Tsuko, as she watched the brutal massacre.” – The Battle of Otosan Uchi (Obsidian Edition)
  • The Jade Ovenmitt Hand - “It signified the return of a hero from long ago, but when would he claim his prize?” (Obsidian Edition)
  • Kisada’s Blockade – “He sailed legions of men up the coast of Rokugan, and marched into the Imperial Palace. He expected to find an empty throne; what he found was his doom.” – The Doom of Hantei, Part One (Anvil of Despair)
  • The Light of Amaterasu – “…The Thunders finally realized that the opening of the last scroll indeed freed Fu Leng from his prison, but it also bonded him with the Emperor forever – thus making him flesh and blood.” (Time of the Void)
  • Matsu Hiroru (Exp.) – “It is men like you who brought Tsuko to her rest. Join them.” (Time of the Void)
  • Matsu Tsuko – “There is no loyalty but to the Emperor. There is no honor but to die in his
  • Matsu Tsuko- “There is no loyalty but to the Emperor. There is no honor but to die in his name.” (Emerald Edition)
  • Medium Cavalry – “Tsuko watched with tears in her eyes as Kisada trampled over her shattered forces and marched into the Imperial Palace.” – Kisada’s Last Charge, Part VI (Crimson and Jade)
  • Medium Infantry – “Before she could engage the Great Bear, an order from the palace arrived, commanding Tsuko to stand aside and let her army fight without her.” – Kisada’s Last Charge, Part II (Time of the Void)
  • Secluded Ravine - “In a quiet ravine near the ronin armies, Matsu Tsuko knelt before Toturi, once her hated rival. “The armies of the Lion stand divided, broken. They cannot fight against the Evil One, for their oath swears them to the Emerald Throne.” - IX.X” (Promotional–CWF)
  • Touch of Fu Leng – “From where I hide, I hold the Empire’s fate, But when you learn my name, it shall be too late.” (Shadowlands)
  • Trade Route - ““Tsuko fought for the Emperor, served the Emperor, and died for the Emperor. Her sacrifice was according to a code that had failed her and her clan. Lion fought Lion on the fields of the Emperor’s palace.” – Toturi, X.I”
  • Trading Grounds – “The merchants of Otosan Uchi continued to thrive, unaware of the horror that had awakened in the Imperial Palace.” (Anvil of Despair)
  • Tunnel System – “Through the tunnels he ran, carrying his wounded father over his shoulder as Kachiko’s servant led the way…” (Crimson and Jade)