8. Clan Wars Part 8: Monks, McGuffins, and Handshakes

Episode 8 Sources and References


  • Brotherhood of Shinsei (Crimson and Jade)
  • Heavy Cavalry - “”In searching for the descendant of Shinse, Yogo Junzo went north towards the lands of the Unicorn. Despite his vast legions, the undead shugenja was unprepared for the swiftness of the Unicorn steeds. He was also unprepared for the relentless courage of the Otaku battle maidens, led by the wild-eyed Kamoko.” - Battle of Iuchi Temple” (Obsidian Edition)
  • Medium Infantry - “”Even the brilliant tactics of Shiba Tsukune couple with the might power of the Phoenix shugenja was not enough to preserve the great library at Isawa Palace. The library was burned to the ground and the Black Scrolls kept there were taken away by the undead sorcerer, Yogo Junzo.” - The Battle of Isawa Palace” (Obsidian Edition)
  • Port - “United under the Mantis banner, the Alliance marched on Rokugan’s shores, willing to do anything to bring glory to their cause.” (Crimson and Jade)
  • Sanctified Ground - “Junzo’s armies were forced to retreat, but the only place to go was the one place they dared not…” (Time of the Void)