Garbage of the Five Rings is a bad idea spawned by two friends with a love hate relationship with AEG’s Legend of the Five Rings. Jude and Amelia are long time “fans” of the franchise who, following the reboot, frequently found themselves hearing and saying “someone should make a podcast explaining the old lore” and eventually decided that they would be the suckers to take on the burden.

The podcast’s goals are to read through the ENTIRE alderac storyline, in publication order, starting with the Clan Wars arc. We will present the events of the story and talk about the various materials we read, including fictions, card flavor text, and RPG supplements. Where there are contradictions (and boy howdy are there) we will “discuss” them. Where the story is terrible, and boy is it terrible a lot, we will rake it over the coals.

buckle up friends, its gonna be a ride.

addendum: if you were a player during any of these old arcs, and were around for play storyline decisions and want to tell us about them, please hit us up on twitter @G5Rpodcast, as we’d love to talk to you about them