The Hosts

Amelia Antrim

Amelia Shahai

Amelia was introduced to L5R when she married the wrong guy. His favorite clan was Dragon. It was never going to work. She reluctantly started playing the RPG in 2015 after he wouldn’t shut up about it, but was 100% sure it was a really stupid game (which, to be fair, is partly true). It was her first experience with dramatic roleplaying and the complex, rich world of Rokugan captured her heart. She played as an Isawa Ishiken, best of the nerd birds.

That campaign ended after a year and a half, but it was too late. Amelia found her way to the L5R discord where she met Jude, her co-host for this trashfire.

Amelia still insists that the Phoenix are her favorite clan because she’s a huge nerd, but also because they are horrible jerks who like to tell people what to do and she really identifies with that on a personal level. All of that said, her friendship with Jude has corrupted her and she now highly recommends blood magic for solving all life’s woes.

When not reading about L5R, Amelia can be found talking about character creation and player advice in RPGs on Character Creation Cast.

You can find Amelia on twitter @gingerreckoning

Jude Vais

Daigotsu Jude

Jude was introduced to L5R by a coworker in college at the end of the ccg’s Gold era who wanted someone to play his stupid dragon dueling decks against. All of his knowlege of the pre-Diamond storyline was learned from this coworker, who explained it to him while they played games, and as a result the research for this podcast has been… illuminating. Turns out Doug had an imperfect memory. THANKS DOUG.

In Diamond, Jude started playing bloodspeaker decks, read a lot of fiction about Daigotsu, and thus began a now 15 year love affair with the Dark Lord of the Shadowlands. This is really the most important thing to know about Jude and L5R. He is unrepentent Shadowlands, and more specifically Daigotsu, trash, and its gonna get BAD when we get to Gold. so just, like, buckle up.

When he isn’t writing panegyrics to Daigotsu, Jude is also the host of the Athrabeth Podcast, which does deep dives into the more obscure corners of Tolkiens legendarium. It is a slightly less garbage Podcast, tho his co-host Stef would argue otherwise when he goes off on one of his rants about elven linguistics.

You can find Jude on twitter @eremiticjude.
You can find the Athrabeth podcast @athrabeth_cast